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It’s actually quite simple. There are 3 primary species of coffee beansArabica, Robusta, Liberica and an ever expanding number of subspecies. The strongest caffeine belongs to the Robusta coffee bean species. You might be asking yourself if people love caffeine and are always asking coffee shops for the strongest coffee why don’t we all drink Robusta coffee. Well the simple answer is we used to!

It begins with the story of 3 waves of coffee. The first wave of coffee consisted of the mass marketers, such as Folger’s and Maxwell House. They are the reason coffee is the second highest commodity demand in the world. Oil is the first; so it would be fair to say the reason we all drink coffee in the first place is because those rascals convinced us we all should. Since they were profit driven mass marketers though they didn’t exactly produce the best product. They used Robusta, hence the name it’s more robust. Robustais less disease prone, can grow in low altitudes and has double the caffeine content of Arabica so it makes sense, and they cultivated it as cheaply as possible.

Robusta coffee became known as trash coffee. Cheaply grown, poorly cultivated and having a poor flavor profile, but has the strongest caffeine and strongest flavor compared to Arabica. If you had to crown a bean as the strongest coffee it would have to be Robusta coffee

Caffeine amount in Arabica and Robusta

Then the second wave came. True coffee enthusiasts and coffee growers knew that coffee can taste much better than what the masses were drinking and so we had the birth of Starbucks and Peet’s. Arabica coffee became the bean of choice because of a more refined flavor profile than Robusta. This was coffee for a more civilized crowd and the public agreed it tasted much better than the mass marketed stuff we loaded our cheap drip coffee makers at home with.The strongest coffee got let behind the focus became Arabica and all of its regions and subspecies. Arabica became the only coffee worth drinking now. Fast food restaurants even started to market the words 100% Arabica. The new more sophisticated coffee drinker was also introduced to the wide world of lattes and espresso. Funny thing is most high end espresso blends use Robusta, a secret ingredient to give it some extra zip and bite since robusta has the strongest caffeine and strongest flavor.

Our personal opinion is lattes are great and they do contain some coffee still, but it’s much harder to actually taste the beautiful subtle flavors of a well roasted and brewed bean when it is completely buried in milk and flavored syrup.

The Third Wave. The real coffee drinkers showed up and said, “Wait a minute people! These gourmet coffee pretenders need to be exposed for what they are.” A Starbucks cup of coffee or a latte is not the worst cup in the world, but it is far from the best. It was time to show people what a properly roasted and brewed cup of coffee can taste like. The craft coffee or third wave is in full swing people. Independent craft coffee gurus are scouring globe for amazing coffee beans with amazing flavor attributes. They are roasting them with fanatical precision trying to show the public you don’t have to add all these crazy additives have great. They are coffee purists who will throw you out of their coffee shop if you dare sully their perfectly craft cup. We knew Chemexand Hario pour over rigs, French pressSiphon Brew, and Aeropress brew the strongest coffee. They treat coffee like fine wines or craft beer. Cold brew on nitro started flowing from keg taps. Real coffee had truly arrived. We revel in it and innovation continues in that spirit. We here, at Dangerous, started in the craft coffee culture of southern California. Not as established and developed as the northwest craft coffee meccas of Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, but an environment ripe for innovation. We wanted to make our impact and ventured outside the box of Arabica coffees. We wanted the strongest coffee possible with bold rich flavors.

Several types of coffee brews

What we found may be the finest Robusta cultivated on planet earth. A species of Robusta cultivated to be peaberry rich. Everyone else discarded Robusta as trash and quit drinking it, this culture kept cultivating it at higher and higher levels. They developed a different way of roasting different from the western world. We think it is so special we decided to keep the Dangerous beans origins secret. A high caffeine artisan grown Robusta peaberry coffee that is roasted using a unique low temperature dark roasting technique keeps more of the beans flavor and caffeine intact. If you the strongest coffee in the world you may have found it. It’s straight Dangerous.


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