How to Use the Fellow Products Duo

Quick Steps

  • Heat Water : Fresh off a Boil or 200 F
  • Grind Beans: Coarse, or “French Press” Grind
  • Load Fellow Products Duo: Add Fresh ground beans and Water
  • Agitate: Agitate beans and water using a spoon
  • Brew: Allow mixture to brew for 4:30
  • Extract: Twist to separate grind from water
  • Serve: Pour off all of the finished coffee brew


  • Fellow Products Duo
  • Dangerous Coffee Beans
  • Kettle (goose-neck preferred)
  • Burr Grinder
  • Table Spoon
  • Timer
  • Water
  • Scale ( Not necessary but preferred)

Before you Brew

  • Make sure your Fellow Products Duo is clean. Old Grounds left in the strainer can import bitterness into your fresh batch of super delicious coffee!
  • Starting with Fresh Roasted whole bean Dangerous Coffee will make sure you can capture all of the rich smooth dark roast flavor possible. Keep your whole beans sealed in an air tight container if possible.
  • When you grind your beans all of that terrific smell is your flavor escaping so you want to get water on those grinds a soon as possible.Make sure your water is optimal temp before you grind. That way you can get water on those grinds immediatly!

Serving Ratios

  • 4-Cup Serving Capacity / Coffee 5 Tbsp or 45 – 50 Grams

Duo Parts

Listed from right to left – Duo’s lid – Stainless steel top – Stainless steel brew chamber – etched cone filter – silicine band – borosilicate glass carafe and a protective glass booty.


First you have to assemble this coffee steeping beast. Place etched cone filter into the chamber. The filters gasket should fit flush and snug in the bottom of the brew chamber.

Now place the brew chamber into Duo. If you look on the side of your brew chamber you will see 3 icons. The middle arrow icon is what you are going to use for proper alignment. Line up the arrows to the tops spout and slide the chamber down.

Once that is done twist the brew chamber clockwise to seal the top chamber. The sealed icon will align with the center of the spout. Ensure the gasket is placed on the bottom of the brew chamber so it meets the top of the plastic threading

The last step is to attach the brew chamber top to the glass carafe base. Place the silicon band onto the top of the carafe and fold over like so.

Now screw the Duo stainless steel brew complete brew chamber onto the top of the glass carafe. Make sure it is aligned squarely so you get a straight alignment and the threads screw smoothly to ensure a snug seal.

Alright it’s Brew Time

Let’s get your water heated first once the water is heated then you will grind your beans course like a french press or breadcrumbs.

Once you have your grind done load your fresh Dangerous into the brew chamber. You will see your beans expand and release the carbon dioxide trapped in the bean from roasting. This is called a coffee blossom. It’s the Hallmark of a fresh roast!. let the blossom finish and then give a little stir using a spoon.

Place the top on that bad boy and let your coffee brew for 4 to 5 Minutes. When the time is up simply twist the top of the Duo counterclockwise in order to release the coffee brew into the glass carafe. the process should only take 30 to 45 seconds

Enjoy your strong tasty and smooth brew!

No need to fiddle with dirty filters or grind just put your mugs out and pour

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