Meet the Stagg Pour-Over System by Fellow Products

Fellow Products continues the tradition of refinement and innovation in design with the Stagg Pour-Over System

The Pour -Over Method of coffee brewing is one of the oldest most simplistic methods of coffee brewing in the world. The industry experts consensus start of pour over coffee seems to originate in the story of Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz. If you recognize the name you should because she founded the Melitta Coffee Company. It was a reaction to the bitter percolator coffee of the day. Percolator coffee is very prone to over extraction and so coffee of the day served using this method was often over bitter and acidic. She loved coffee and felt the flavor profile wasn’t reaching it’s potential so she came up with a more refined process. They say her first paper filter came from her sons ink blotting paper. She noticed the porous and super absorbent properties of the paper, took a brass pot punctured the bottom and constructed her first brew. Viola! The rest is as they say history!

The Kettle

The first thing you will notice is the minimalist Bauhaus inspired design of the Kettle instead of curves it has angles but it’s lines have terrific flow. It comes in three finishes so far polished steel or copper and matte black. It features a counter balanced handle which when you pick the kettle up begs your make your pour.

The Dripper

If your a fan of vacuum sealed hot and cold beverage containers than this may be the pour-over brewer for you! It’s the only double wall vacuum insulated brewer on the market. The brewing chamber enhances the brewing speed by keeping the brew temperature more stable and hotter for longer because it is insulated. The vertical walls and multi drip points give you rapid and even extraction insuring precision accuracy every time. The brewer is designed to flush with the carafe so it presents an elegant marriage of form and function.

The Carafe and Serving Mugs

To finish it off the whole set comes with double wall hand blown borosilicate carafe and 10oz serving mugs

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